Building a roster

How Rosters Work


What is your Roster

Cavalry’s roster section allows you to build out a team of freelancers within a chosen specialism. This allows you to build a more strategic approach to managing your freelancers needs by making it easy to build an  extension to your team with pre-vetted freelancers that you can access for up and coming gigs.
You’ll then be able to monitor their availability and have access to a core team of freelancers who you can then manage, communicate and book easily. A well managed roster can take the stress and pressure away when a freelancer is required.

Creating a roster

Creating a Roster is the first step a company goes through in the process of building your freelance team. Only once a roster is created can a company start building a roster of freelancers.
Start by selecting the "Add a roster" button from the left hand menu of the roster section.
Fill in the following details:
  • Specialism - Choose the specialism for your roster
  • Skills + industry expertise - Note the core skills and areas of industry expertise that you require
  • The Brief - Add a detailed description of the role
  • Team size - Note how many people you would like to be in your roster
  • Location - Choose either ‘Any location’ or your preferred location 

You can create multiple rosters allowing you to manage all key specialisms that come up within your business.

Managing your roster

Once a roster has been created you can now look to build up your freelance team.
From the roster landing page you will be able to see all freelancers within your roster. Showing the following details:
  • First and last name
  • Description
  • Next available date
  • The level of confidence of next available date based on last freelancer update 
There are three sections within each individual roster:
  • Rostered Freelancers - Any freelancer where you select ‘Add to Roster’ will be added to this section so you can monitor their availability and easily book them into upcoming gigs.
  • Applications - Once you have created a roster within your Cavalry account freelancers with this specialism will be able to apply for consideration and you’ll be able to review or reject these candidates to replenish your roster and build your team of experts. (Cavalry recommends that you contact the freelancer if they are suitable and either have a phone call or a face to face meeting before adding them to your roster)
  • Recommendations - Cavalry recommends a number of freelancers which we feel are the strongest and most suited within your chosen specialism

View Full profile - This option allows you to understand more about the freelancer before either favoriting or adding to your roster.

Favourites - If you have favorited a freelancer with the chosen specialism previously, they will appear under a favourites section.

Booking someone from your roster

By selecting a freelancer from ‘Your Rosters’ section automatically opens up their profile with the ability to ‘Book’ them by creating a gig brief and sending it to them for acceptance

Viewing all your rostered freelancers 

From the left hand menu within your Roster section you can select ‘Rostered Freelancers’ which allows you to see a list view of all rostered freelancers in your roster across all your roster disciplines.

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