Cavalry Payment Options

We understand companies differ in how they prefer to commercially engage freelancers. For this reason we have developed 3 different engagement types when you source a freelancer from the Cavalry marketplace:
  • Freelancer Invoice (15%) - Contractor based engagement. Freelancer sourced using the Cavalry marketplace
  • Cavalry Payroll (20% excluding payroll tax) - PAYG based engagement via Cavalry Payroll - Freelancer sourced using the Cavalry marketplace 
  • Company Payroll (15%) - PAYG based engagement via Company. Freelancer sourced using the Cavalry marketplace 

If you would like to use our Cavalry Payroll product with freelancers you have sourced yourself, there is a 6% fee (excl Payroll tax).

If you are unsure whether your project fits into the ATO guidelines of what constitutes a 'contractor project', we recommend reviewing the ATO website

Engagement types can he updated here.

Detailed overview of engagement types

Freelancer Invoice
Contractor engagement
15% fee
Suits companies who use Freelancers for short distinct ‘Freelance’ engagements.

  • Typically supports short fixed price gigs where the contractor works offsite
  • Supports projects where the freelancer charges based on days worked (duration) or based on an agreed fixed price (agreed deliverables and costing) 
  • Freelancer invoices the company directly via the Cavalry platform 
  • Cavalry fees are bundled together into seperate monthly invoices
  • Does not support Superannuation, Payroll tax and Insurances
  • Available in AU/SG/NZ
Cavalry Payroll
Sourced via the Marketplace
PAYG engagement via Cavalry Payroll 
20% fee (excl Payroll tax)

Not sourced via the Marketplace 
PAYG engagement via Cavalry Payroll 
6% fee (excl Payroll tax)
Suits companies who care about ATO compliance but don’t want the admin hassle of handling every freelancer engagement. 

  • Typically supports longer gigs where the contractor is managed by the company and charges based on day rates
  • Supports projects where the freelancer charges based on days worked 
  • Cavalry engages Freelancer on behalf of company 
  • Cavalry supports payroll, superannuation, tax and insurances
  • Freelancers complete timesheets which companies must approve
  • Cavalry provides combined invoice for Cavalry and Freelancer fees
  • Available in AU only
Company Payroll
Sourced via Marketplace
PAYG via company
15% fee
Suits companies with finance teams able to support payroll.

  • Typically supports longer gigs where the contractor is managed by the company and charges based on day rates
  • Company takes freelancers onto their books as temp PAYG employee
  • Approved timesheets are provided by the company
  • Cavalry fees are bundled together into monthly invoices
  • Available in AU/SG/NZ

Features of each Payment Options

Gig creation & Posting Yes Yes Yes
Account Management Support  Yes Yes Yes
External Recruitment support (if necessary)
Yes Yes Yes
Reference Checks
Yes Yes Yes
Consolidated Payment
No Yes No
Payroll Tax
No Yes No
Workers Compensation
No Yes No
Public Liability Insurance of $20m
No Yes No
Professional Indemnity Insurance of $20m
No Yes No
Police & Background Check
Optional Optional Optional
Optional Early Payment No Optional No

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