Gig Alerts

Our Gig Alerts feature is now the fastest way for time poor companies to reach you with gigs that match your skill set.
Companies can create and post a Gig that only alerts the opportunity to the desired freelance experts on Cavalry. This means more targeted briefs, reaching the best matched experts on the Cavalry network. Some of you may have already received a gig alert! 
If you receive a Gig Alert email, you can choose to be placed on the shortlist so a company can straight away see that your interested and review your suitability for the position.
To be considered for the gig alert, you need to get onto the shortlist. This is how:
  • All Gig posts that match your skill set (specialism or skills) are emailed to you as Gig Alerts
  • Follow the link to the gig in the "Gig Alert" section
  • Select "Apply" 
  • Add your rate and an optional message
  • It’s that easy. Companies will then review their shortlist and contact you if they believe you can be the right candidate for the gig.

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