How Cavalry invoices fees

Applies to when Companies have chosen either the "Contractor" or "Your Payroll" payment option.

Cavalry invoices Companies in the middle of the month for the previous month. Only companies who have booked and used Cavalry Freelancers in the prior month will receive invoices. This is currently a manual process handled by our back office team. 

How it will work:

  1. Cavalry sends a monthly Invoice - In the middle of the month, Cavalry sends an invoice to Companies who have booked and used Cavalry Freelancers in the prior month. 
  2. The Invoice (via Xero) - The invoice is listed in the same invoice dashboard as Freelancer invoices. The invoice itself provides an itemised list of Freelancers including days of effort, rates, their fees and associated Cavalry fees. Plus a total for the fees for the month. 
    1. Invoice Payment option - Fees are derived from collating all freelancer invoices from the previous month
    2. Employee Payment option - Fees are derived from timesheets provided by companies
  3. Companies can query an Invoice - Companies can query the invoice by replying to the email address the email was sent to
  4. Cavalry can edit an Invoice - An Invoice can be edited and resent by Cavalry.
  5. Payment terms for Cavalry invoices is two weeks.

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