How Messages work

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Messages is the communications centre between a Company and a Freelancer. It is also the easiest way to ask our Cavalry team for support. 

Messages supports:

  • General conversations between the Company (main account holder) and Freelancer.
  • Help conversations with Cavalry Support.
  • Sharing of links.
  • Automatic messages when a Gig or invoice is updated by either party.
  • System messages when a Gig is about to start or end.
  • Alerts of new messages via the main navigation.
  • Sending messages via email to the recipient.

Who can you message?

  • For Freelancers - Companies you are involved in a Gig with or if you are on their Roster. Plus the Cavalry support team.
  • For Companies - Freelancers you are involved in a Gig with (from Contacted stage onwards) or that are on your Roster. Plus the Cavalry support team.

You are also now able to upload files within messenger.

Messages does not yet support:

  • Integration into other messaging platforms.

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