Shortlist and Request to Book

We've developed a workflow in Gigs that aims to be familiar and intuitive and reflect the way that our industry typically operates when recruiting a Freelancer to project. However unlike a typical recruitment process, our workflow can take just minutes to find, contact and book a Freelancer:


  1. Build a short list manually via Search or Gig Posts. 
    1. Freelancers that apply from Gig Posts are automatically added to your shortlist 
    2. Within Search, manually add freelancers to your shortlist by selecting the SHORTLIST button
  2. Review & Share Shortlist - The shortlist of freelancers is then listed in the first panel of the workflow of the Gigs page. Their availability during the project period and profile can be viewed. Plus, there is SHARE button above the short list (or Favourites) that opens an email with links to the profiles of the shortlisted Freelancers. This can be sent to colleagues for shortlist review.You can create a Favourites from your shortlist by selecting the star icon.
  3. Contact freelancers by Messaging  - By selecting the MESSAGE button to contact freelancers to
    1. Interviews, chats, reviews of work - Like any normal interview process, Cavalry recommends that companies and freelancers meet and get to know each other. We recommend that previous work is reviewed and references are checked.
  4. Rates - When a freelancers receives a Gig Alert and applies for a gig, they are required to supply a rate. You are accept this rate or edit. Both parties have to agree the rate before committing to a booking. 
  5. Booking Request - Once a company is happy with the Freelancer and their rate, they can request to book the freelancer by selecting the REQUEST button. The company must review the booking and agree with the estimated Freelancer and Cavalry fees and terms and conditions. Once agreed, a message and email is sent with the booking request. The Freelancer can then review the gig and accept or decline this booking request. If the Freelancer declines they are automatically removed from the Gig.
  6. Booked - Once a freelancer accepts a booking, they are considered booked on the Gig. The Gig page will change to a booked state which includes a summary of the booking and freelancer details.

At any point you need help select the "chat to us" icon and this will open the live chat box. 

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