How Gigs work

Build or edit a Gig

Creating a Gig is the first step a Company goes through in the process of finding and booking a Freelancer. Only once a gig is created can a company start searching and shortlisting freelancers.

Start by selecting the "Get Started" button from the homepage. A Gig holds the information relating to a Freelance / Gig based project and is shared with the Freelancers you contact and book on Gigs. 

When gigs are created they can be created as either a 'Freelance gig' or a 'Project gig. 

Freelance gigs needs to be selected when you are looking for an expert with a flexible set of deliverable or time. You can then engage a freelancer based on an agreed day rate cost. A project gig can be selected when you are looking for specific deliverables or a set budget and have freelancers come back you with a fixed price proposal.

A gig includes:

  • Gig Type
  • Gig name
  • Job Code / internal ID
  • Specialism / Deliverables (based on gig type chosen)
  • Skills
  • Description of the Gig
  • Flexibility with your dates
  • Whether the Gig is onsite/remote/either
  • Days of effort 
  • Gig period (Freelance Gig only)
  • Budget requirements

When a Gig is created, a Company specifies the days of effort for the project and the Gig period.  These are intentionally separate because in some cases Companies are comfortable that the days of effort can be spread across a longer period of time. By doing so, they gain access to a broader group of suitable Freelancers who work less than 40 hours per week. 


If  Onsite is selected, only Freelancers that are based in the location of the company will be shown in the search results. You can choose from the office locations that you create in the company profile

Review your gig and post to freelancers

Once you have completed your gig brief you can then choose to either post your gig to the wider Cavalry audience within your selected specialisms, or alternatively select freelancers on your roster to share the brief with:

  • Gig Posts - Short on time but need to find freelancers? Simply fill out the form above, preview and post and wait for relevant freelancers to come to you.
  • Send to your roster - If you'd like to send to your rostered freelancers only you can select which ones you would like to send the brief to

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