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Once a company has created a Gig (Project), they can start their search for a Freelancer. The Search feature of Cavalry enables Companies to:

  • Be matched to the most suitable Freelancers for their project.
  • Review the profiles of each of the matched Freelancers.
  • Conduct multiple searches.
  • Build a shortlist of Freelancers. Once the short list is complete, a Company go back to their Gig page, share their shortlist and then choose up to 3 Freelancers to contact.

Search Algorithm

Our Freelance search engine uses an algorithm that recommends and ranks the most suitable Freelancers based on a range of data points including:

  • Location - only applies if the Freelancer is required to work onsite. With our current Freelance database, onsite works well for Melbourne and Sydney, but less so for smaller cities and towns. 
  • Speciality - We match against speciality and the level of seniority. The Freelancers with the exact speciality and seniority match will rank higher than Freelancers with the right speciality but a different seniority.  
  • Skills - We match against specific skills that add depth to someone's experience. e.g. Sketch, AngularJS, Sitecore, ethnographic research. Searching using Skills works best when only one or two words are used to represent a skill.  
  • Availability - The more available a Freelancer is, the higher the search ranking. We take into account any existing Freelancer bookings plus the regular time during the week a Freelancer is unavailable for project work (e.g. weekends)
  • Day Rate - We rank Freelancers who are closer to the rates set by the company. However rates are negotiated separately once the Company and the Freelancers have been connected. Importantly, we never show the Company the base Freelancer rate that is used in the search algorithm.
  • Reputation - Freelancers that appear on more company Rosters will be ranked higher. This over time will expand to factor in feedback from Companies 
  • Calendar up-to-dateness - the more up to date the Calendar, the better the search ranking

Search Results

For each Freelancer in the search results, a summary of their strengths in the following key attributes are provided - Rate, Availability, Rosters, Skill Match. Plus, the full profile can be opened and reviewed.  

In Roster & Cavalry Sourced

  • The "Cavalry Sourced" badge indicates that a freelancers is in the Company Roster. If a freelancer is in a company Roster before they are found in search, they are deemed Company sourced and no Cavalry commission fees are applied to a booking
  • The Cavalry Sourced badge indicates the freelancers was sourced and presented to the company prior to that Freelancer going into a company Roster. This means that any booking of this freelancer by the company will include a Cavalry commission fee with it
  • Both badges together - A company has put a Cavalry sourced freelancer into their Roster. 

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