Creating an Invoice

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Cavalry takes the hassle out of creating and managing the invoicing process for Freelancers. 

You start by creating a draft invoice in two places:

  • The Gig - within a booked or ended gig, there is a "Generate Invoice" button that opens a draft invoice. 
  • Invoices - within invoices there is a "Creative Invoice" button in the top right of the screen. You will then need to choose the job the invoice relates to:

Things we take care of in the draft invoice: 

  • ABN & Bank Details - We pull in your ABN and bank details that you entered in the financial details section of your profile. If you haven't added these details, no problem. You can simply add them via a link next to the bank details section of the invoice in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Your personal and contact details - We pull in your personal information and contact details from the profile section of the Cavalry app.
  • Company details - We pull this from the Company's profile.
  • We pre-populate payment terms to 14 days. These are the terms that we ask companies to pay our Freelancers and ourselves. However this editable.
  • We create a PDF version of the invoice that you can download 

Things you need to do:

  • Create an invoice number
  • Add in the contact and email address of the person you want the invoice to be sent to.
  • Input the days of effort and period for the invoice
  • Add any expenses.
  • Update payment terms if required.
  • Add any notes about the invoice if required.
  • Press send (top right hand corner)

Sending an invoice to the client

  • Once you're happy you can select "send" in the top right hand side and an email with a link to the invoice will be emailed to the company.
  • The company can review the invoice and download the PDF to send to the finance team members 
  • Then you and the company can follow the this intuitive workflow until the invoice is paid

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