How Invoicing works

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Cavalry makes it easy to create, send and manage invoices. Here's how it works 

How it works:

  1. Freelance generates a draft invoice -  A Freelancer can generate a draft invoice from the gig or via the invoice page 
  2. Freelancer populates Invoice - The Freelancer refines the draft invoice by ensuring the days are accurate to what has been worked and adds any expenses.
  3. Freelancer sends Invoice - The Freelancer sends the invoice via the Cavalry app. This automatically alerts the company to the invoice.
  4. Company can query Invoice - The Company can message the Freelancer with queries via the message service. 
  5. Freelancer can edit Invoice - The Invoice can be edited and resent.
  6. Company changes status to paid - When a Company pays an invoice, they change the status of the invoice to "Payment made". This triggers a message and email to the Freelancer to notify.
  7. Freelancer confirms payment - Once the Freelancer has been paid, they change the status to "payment confirmed", which also triggers an email and message to the company.

Message at any time

  • At any time the company and freelancer can message each other to clarify anything about the invoice. 

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