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The problems we're trying to solve:

  • To make it easier to connect companies to suitable Freelancers who are available during the project period.
  • To make the entire process of finding, booking, invoicing and communicating easier and more efficient for Freelancers and Companies.
  • To make it easier for Companies and Freelancers to build longer term relationships.
  • To provide a cheaper, more effective alternative to the current paid model of finding Freelancers

What Cavalry is:

  • Cavalry is a freelance marketplace for the creative and digital industry that recommends Freelancers to projects based on their suitability and availability.
  • Cavalry is all-in-one system to support all stages of the freelance engagement for a Company and Freelancer. This includes:
    • Gigs  - Project information can be created, edited and shared easily.
    • Search - Our algorithm finds the most suitable and available Freelancers.
    • Gig Posts - the fast way for companies to reach freelancers in a specific discipline
    • Workflow - Our booking workflow makes it effortless to search, shortlist, contact and book Freelancers.
    • Message - Our message service creates a seamless way to communicate across the lifespan of the project.
    • Invoicing - Companies can choose from 3 of our different payment models
    • Calendar - Freelancers can manage a Calendar of their availability that then feeds into our search algorithm and Roster features.
    • Roster - Companies can create a Roster of their favourite freelancers. Once in a Roster a freelancer's availability can be monitored and they can be booked directly from the Roster

How Cavalry works:

  1. Gig, search and invite - Companies create Gigs and either search for Freelancers or Post a gig. They shortlist freelancers and invite up to 5 to discuss the Gig.
  2. Review Gig and supply rates - The Freelancer is alerted about the Gig, reviews the detail and confirms their rate.
  3. Interview - Just like any other interview process, the Freelancer and the Company meet, talk and share portfolios. 
  4. Booking - The Company requests to book and the Freelancer accepts or declines.
  5. Invoice - Companies can choose from 3 of our different payment models
  6. Manage Invoice Status - When the company pays, they change the status to "Paid". When a Freelancer receives the payment, they change the status to "Payment confirmed".
  7. Cavalry Fees - We charge a standard 15% commission fee to the company on the days worked by the Freelancer. The fee may vary depending on promotions or specific discount deals negotiated companies.

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