Why updating your Calendar weekly is important

Update your Calendar

One of the age old challenges with Freelancing is lining up project dates with Freelancer availability. It can be massively time consuming, stressful and create business risk for all. That's why matching projects to available Freelances is such a critical aspect of Cavalry.

Important for Companies looking to hire you

Companies love that Freelancers on our platform maintain a Calendar of their availability for two reasons:

  1. Our algorithm ranks Freelancers in our search results based on their availability to the project period. It means they can save critical time and admin and concentrate their efforts on finding the most suitable Freelancer available at the times they need. 
  2. When they create a Roster of their favourite Freelancers, they can easily assess in minutes who is free and who is busy.

Important for you

  • For Freelancers who are free, it provides the best chance of filling gaps in your schedule. 
  • For Freelancers who are busy, it means you won't get hassled about jobs you can't work on.

Important for your Search rankings 

Because of the importance of maintaining a Calendar, we also reward Freelancers in our search results by ranking Freelancers higher who have kept their Calendar up to date. 

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