Building a strong profile

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The quality of a your profile is paramount to your success on the Cavalry platform. Put simply, the more detailed and complete your profile is, the more data points we have to find you.

We now provide a profile strength rating in the nav and on the homepage of your profile. We even provide recommendations for where you need to bolster your profile. 

Why a strong profile is critical

At its core Cavalry is a platform that recommends the most suitable candidates for Company projects. We do this using an algorithm that recommends Freelancers based on a range of data points including:

  • Speciality (expertise)
  • Skills
  • Availability
  • Rates 
  • Reputation - The number of Rosters a Freelancer is on. This over time will expand to include feedback from Companies 
  • Profile and Calendar up-to-dateness - the more up to date the better the search ranking

Creating a strong profile

Therefore it's important to complete the following:

  • Name & Description - So we know who you are and how you see yourself.
  • Location - Ensures we can put you forward for projects close to you.
  • Speciality (e.g. Senior Graphic Designer) - The more the merrier, even if you're a junior in some specialties. 
  • Skills - Try to keep it to 1 or 2 words max. - e.g. technology languages like Node and React, design tools like Sketch and Illustrator, Research techniques like card sorting and ethnographic research, Project Management skills like Scrum and Prince 2.
  • Social accounts, LinkedIn and portfolio sites  - Provides the ability for companies to see history and work examples.
  • Open to opportunities - Provides companies with a clear indication of whether you are open to opportunities or not and whether you are part time or full time from a contractor perspective. 
  • History - Provides detailed insight into your experience including awards, work history, portfolio work and education
  • Portfolio - Provides examples of work you are proud of and shows a flavour of where your skills and passions lie
  • Bio - Give a flavour of your experience and where your passions lie.
  • Rate - This rate is always private, but is used by our algorithm to match against the desired company rate. Once invited to a Gig, you are able to stipulate your rate for the project.
  • Mobile - Ensures a company has a complete set of contact details.
  • Weekly Availability Settings - You set this up when you register, however it's important to keep up to date as our algorithm reviews this when assessing your availability.
  • Update your Calendar - Ideally on a weekly basis so that Companies can see that your availability is accurate.

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