Fees for Companies

If a freelancer is sourced via the Cavalry marketplace, the fees charged will be dependant on which of the following engagement types are selected:  

  • Freelancer Invoice (15% fees) - Contractor based engagement. Freelancer sourced using the Cavalry marketplace
  • Cavalry Payroll (20% fees excluding payroll tax) - PAYG based engagement via Cavalry Payroll - Freelancer sourced using the Cavalry marketplace 
  • Company Payroll (15% fees) - PAYG based engagement via the companies own payroll. Freelancer sourced using the Cavalry marketplace 

If you would like to use our Cavalry Payroll product with freelancers you have sourced yourself, there is a 6% fee (excl Payroll tax).

More information on engagement types.

Where there are no fees:

  • No fees for Companies to add their own Freelancers to their Roster and using Cavalry to book them. Freelancers added to a Roster must not have been previously found in the Cavalry Gig search results. Companies can still find Roster freelancers in search and book them with no commission fee
  • No fees for Freelancers to use Cavalry

For more information, please review our  terms of service.

Company Sourced talent 

Companies can add upload their own talent into Cavalry. If they have not previously sourced or viewed this talent in a Cavalry marketplace search result, the talent is deemed to be company sourced. When companies book company sourced freelancers via Cavalry, there is no placement fee. However if the company wishes to engage them as a Payroll customer, there will be the 6% fee plus Payroll tax.  

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