Add a Calendar booking

Your Calendar can either be populated with bookings that you create or via company Gig bookings that you accept. You can only edit Calendar bookings that you have created. 

  1. Select the "Calendar" link in the main navigation
  2. Select the "new booking" button
  3. Select the type of booking - is it a project booking or is it personal time such as a holiday?
  4. Create a unique title for the booking. This will be shown in the Calendar.
  5. Select the start and end date.
  6. If required, remove the days that you are non-bookable during the booking period by deselecting the day.
  7. If required, remove a period of day that you are non-bookable during the booking period by deselecting the period of the day. Days are broken down by morning, afternoon and evening.
  8. If useful, create notes against the booking. For example, the day rate agreed, or the key person you are dealing with.
  9. Select "Create".
  10. A successful booking will automatically populate the Calendar with a new booking that is named by the unique title you gave. Project based on bookings will be coloured green, while personal bookings are coloured blue.

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