View a Freelancer Profile

A Freelancer profile contains detailed information about the Freelancer. This information is uploaded and managed by the Freelancer. 
A Freelancer profile can be accessed throughout the platform during different stages of finding, engaging and booking a Freelancer. This includes within:
  • The Roster
  • Gig (Search, Candidates & booked)
Once a Freelance profile has been selected on each of these pages, a right hand panel will slide out containing the Freelancer profile. The Freelancer profile is split into two sections:
  • Primary panel
  • History & portfolio section

The primary panel includes:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Location
  • Open to opportunities, part time or unavailable
  • Specialisms
  • Skills
  • Email (Only within the Roster)
  • Phone number (Only within the Roster)
  • Link to Portfolio website, social sites and LinkedIn
  • Bio
  • Rosters they are on
  • Company specific notes about the Freelancer (Only within the Roster)

The History & Portfolio section can be accessed by selecting the " < " arrow in the top right hand corner of the profile:

This will cause the profile panel to slide across to the left revealing the history and portfolio section

To move back select the " > " again

To close the profile select the "X"

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